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7:45 am Accounting and Regulatory Techni...
Accounting and Regulatory Techni...
Oct 27 @ 7:45 am – 3:30 pm
Challenge Accepted Navigating Healthcare Transformation This seminar brings together a variety of healthcare professionals to offer their perspectives on the changing regulatory environment at both the state and federal level as well as the transformations[...]
12:00 pm Value Propositions: M and A, Pay...
Value Propositions: M and A, Pay...
Nov 15 @ 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm
The healthcare landscape continues to change at a rapid pace. Organizations are merging and expanding their geographic footprint and transitioning the business model towards value based care all while continuing to increase IT investments. All[...]
7:45 am Annual Compliance Update
Annual Compliance Update
Dec 8 @ 7:45 am – 5:00 pm
This seminar brings together leading subject matter experts from across the industry including hospital and health plan executives regulatory enforcement offi cials consultants from industry leading fi rms and others all focused on helping professionals[...]

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The Massachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter of HFMA conducts educational programs with expert faculty, publishes a comprehensive newsletter and provides its members with a variety of professional development and networking opportunities. Learn More

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The reason I belong to HFMA is because of the industry changes and the depth of knowledge that I have gained over the years along with the networking. I enjoy the people I have met through the organization and find them to be hard working and dedicated group of professionals.

~Rosemary Rotty, FHFMA

Because the healthcare industry is evolving, I find HFMA to be especially rewarding in its stability: HFMA provides me with a solid network, who can provide unique perspectives and valuable insights in our exciting, dynamic field.

~ Kimberly Carlozzi

Being in HFMA allows you to grow your network of contacts.  Many times when issues arise, and I get stuck on what to do, I have a rolodex of HFMA colleagues I can reach out to, who may have been through a similar experience and can offer potential solutions.  Our HFMA friendships allow us to have a large on-call consulting group!

~Deborah Schoenthaler 

The most important value that HFMA provides me is being an excellent resource for new and existing networking opportunities (connecting with colleagues and friends) ; being informed of new developments within the healthcare industry, and the ongoing education (live sessions, webinars, periodicals, etc.).

~Robert Nelson, FHFMA, CPA

The value of HFMA to me are the colleagues that I’ve met through the years of networking at HFMA events.  Healthcare is such a vast and evolving market with niches and specialties that understanding all its components wouldn’t be possible without HFMA.

~Jennifer Samaras, CRCR


The value that I have received from membership in HFMA consists of the insights into the total scope of the industry received, acquaintances made and relationships formed over time separate from the confining limits of the everyday workplace.

~John Reardon, FHFMA

HFMA has provided me as a leader an ability to benchmark my organization against other top performing organizations across the country.  From (HFMA’s) standardized metrics we can seek out top performers to find out what they are doing in their organization to achieve such great results.  This provides me and my organization with the information and tools to drive us towards continued success.

~Bill Wyman, FHFMA

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