Chapter Committees


This Committee is responsible for organizing an October educational program focused on updating the membership on current year updates in the following areas: accounting standards and guidelines; reimbursement and compliance regulations; IRS and other tax matters for tax exempt health care organizations; and other industry hot topics. The Committee publishes these updates in a technical bulletin distributed to the attendees. The Committee generally meets once a year in-person and has telephone conference calls every three to four weeks between that first meeting and October. Each conference call lasts about one hour. In addition to the October educational program, the Committee also generally coordinates periodic webcasts covering accounting and regulatory topics of interest. The Committee will also recruit writers to prepare 2-3 articles for the Technical Bulletin issue of the HFMA Advisor.

Board Liaison: Joanna Kroon
Chair: Eric Schwartz


The Capital Finance Committee will develop at least one half-day educational session, appealing to CFO’s and other senior-level healthcare and healthcare finance professionals, focusing on emerging strategic, operational, and financial trends in healthcare and their implications to an organization’s financial standing. The program will emphasize topics and trends in both capital finance and macro issues of interest to C-suite executives. The session may feature healthcare leaders, investment bankers, rating agencies, investors, and policy makers. The Committee will also prepare a “teaser” blog post for the educational session, a synopsis blog post following the session, and will recruit writers to prepare 2-3 additional blog posts for the chapter’s blog.

Board Liaisons: Karen Kinsella
Chairs: To Be Announced


This Committee will focus on all aspects of corporate compliance activities required of health care providers. The Committee will explore compliance program best practices and coordinate an educational session that will be offered in December. The Committee will meet approximately six times during the year, either in person or by telephone and for at least one social event. During these meetings, the Committee will not only prepare for our educational session, but will benefit from facilitated discussions and presentations on current compliance issues. The Committee will also prepare a “teaser” blog post for the educational program, a synopsis blog post following the program, and will recruit writers to prepare 2-3 additional blog posts for the chapter’s blog.

Board Liaison: David Tolley
Chair: Dhara Satija


The Committee focuses on identifying and presenting innovative and practical methodologies and tools to improve healthcare operational, clinical and financial performance to thrive in today’s changing industry. Topics are selected to meet the needs not only of healthcare finance professionals, but of managers of provider and payer operations. The Committee seeks innovative ideas from providers and those serving the health care industry to promote adoption of the most effective use of technology and current industry thinking. The Committee organizes an educational session and will also prepare a “teaser” blog post for the educational program, a synopsis blog post following the program, and will recruit writers to prepare 2-3 additional blog posts for the chapter’s blog. The Committee meets at least monthly starting in late Summer, usually via conference call, to discuss current issues and develop a day-long educational program which is held in March. The Committee’s activities are geared toward providing hands-on solutions for operational and financial administrators. There are approximately 6 members who actively participate on this Committee.

Board Liaison: Gary Janko
Co-Chairs: Krista Katsapetses and Roger Price


The primary purpose of the Managed Care Committee is to provide timely, applicable, solutions-oriented information and tools to its Committee and Chapter Members related to developments in managed care and insurance, changes in state and federal healthcare reform, as well as challenges and opportunities resulting from new payment methodologies and delivery system transformation. The Committee meets monthly to accomplish the following objectives:

  • Identify experts on various healthcare topics and arrange monthly webcasts for the HFMA MA-RI community;
  • Discuss relevant managed care topics as well as changes that affect managed care as a result of state and national healthcare reform efforts;
  • Explore and learn from successful examples of effective collaboration in the marketplace and new issues/products emerging in the managed care environment;
  • Learn from Committee members’ professional experiences through informal presentations;
  • Plan and implement annual Managed Care meeting;
  • Draft a “teaser” blog post and program synopsis for the chapter’s blog;
  • Recruit writers to prepare 2-3 blog posts for the chapter’s blog.

Board Liaison: Karen Granoff
Co-Chairs: Kim Carlozzi and Karen Granoff


This Committee is in charge of maintaining and expanding the Chapter’s membership in Massachusetts and Rhode Island based on the goals established by the National HFMA. To accomplish this goal, the Membership Committee has the responsibility to develop a recruitment and retention plan for members that must be carried out each year in alignment with national initiatives. These initiatives may include: blog articles, prospective membership recruitment, the Member-Get-A Member Program, membership renewal activities, and outreach to prospective members from non-traditional settings including health care students and employees in non-hospital settings. The Committee works closely with the Social/Networking and Education Committees to ensure that activities and programs are aligned with the goals of Membership growth and retention, including the recruitment and retention of young professionals. In addition, this Committee is responsible for the posting of the Chapter’s Annual Membership Directory.

Board Liaisons: Nan Jones and Jeanne Schuster
Co-Chairs: Nan Jones and Jeanne Schuster


This Committee is focused on holding events and creating opportunities for members to become better acquainted with the Chapter, HFMA, and each other, and to network for business sharing, career opportunities and industry insight. The Committee is comprised of three subcommittees include networking, social media and Young Professionals Group.

In addition to ongoing events and improved communication processes, national and chapter awards will be administered through the Committee in conjunction with the Past President’s group (which includes the Reeves, Follmer, and Founders Merit Awards). In addition to acknowledging these significant service achievements at the annual awards event, the Committee is charged with identifying other opportunities to recognize member accomplishments.

During the fiscal year, The Committee will create a minimum of four (4) various events to conduct business networking and social interaction. A minimum of twelve conference calls will take place during the course of the year.  The goals will include planning and executing events for new members, legacy members, and the “Young Professionals,” with the understanding to educate and make these members comfortable in the Chapter and to bring levity to the industry.

Social Media will remain a main stay of the group. It will be used to: (1) attract new members including Young Professionals (2) retain existing members (3) help to promote social and educational events (4) increase member satisfaction and engagement. We will leverage our Chapter website, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and attempt to create a new Chapter mobile application. We will seek to involve Young Professionals on the Committee, and solicit their feedback on how best to reach their peers. The Committee will be responsible for bringing communication to the forefront of the organization.

Participants on this Committee have the opportunity to become better acquainted with the Organization, its administrative functions, and opportunities for business networking and socializing with their peers and others who have helped to advance the mission of the Massachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter.

The Committee will be responsible for meeting/exceeding the required National HFMA requirements for Networking and Innovation.

Board Liaisons: Beth O’Toole, Jennifer Samaras, CRCR
Co-Chairs: Kimberly Carlozzi and Jennifer Samaras, CRCR


The Committee focuses on the trends concerning both operational and financial issues affecting the delivery of ambulatory care and physician services. With the ever-increasing demands on physicians and physician practices to provide and manage care, this Committee seeks new ideas and approaches to both financial management and care delivery in physician practices.   It coordinates an annual educational session, recruits authors for at 2-3 papers and prepares reviews of significant regulatory or policy issues that arise during the year, all of which are communicated to the general membership through the educational meeting or blogs. The Committee meets monthly (in person or conference call) during the Chapter year to plan the annual educational session, discuss current issues, which may include facilitated discussions or speakers. The Committee’s activities are developed to address the interests of financial managers, healthcare administrators and clinicians. The Committee will also prepare a “teaser” blog post for the educational program, a synopsis blog post following the program, and will recruit writers to prepare 2-3 additional blog posts for the Chapter’s blog.

Board Liaison: Gary Janko
Chair: Gary Janko


This Committee is focused on issues relating to all aspects of hospital, physician, and community health center revenue cycle management and enhancement. The Committee’s primary responsibility is presenting the annual Revenue Cycle Conference (RCC) which is held at Gillette Stadium in January of each year. The RCC attracts 450+ attendees including 50+ exhibitors and has expanded to a two-day format (Thursday/Friday). The Revenue Cycle Conference includes educational offerings geared towards different focus areas of the Revenue Cycle. These focus areas typically include: General Revenue Cycle, Hospital, Physician, Community Health Centers, Government, Information Technology, and CFO issues and concerns. We also continue to attract prominent keynote speakers who help frame the healthcare financial landscape.

The Committee typically has about 25 members and is broken up into various Sub-Committees that are responsible for educational programming (identifying relevant topics and speakers), as well as vendor and sponsor recruitment. The Committee is also looking for members who are particularly interested in marketing the Conference. The Committee will also prepare a “teaser” blog post for the educational program, a synopsis blog post following the program, and will recruit writers to prepare 2-3 additional blog posts for the chapter’s blog.The Committee convenes via conference call every two weeks starting in the early summer months and continuing to the two-day event in January. Conference calls are scheduled for 60 minutes. In addition to the bi-weekly conference calls, Committee members are also expected to research aspects of their particular Sub-Committee and contribute at the Conference. Participation in this Committee brings many benefits including: networking with top industry professionals, access to leaders in the healthcare community, and exposure to current industry information, ideas and management trends. As a bonus, active committee members who also volunteer at the Conference, attend the event for free.

It will take a strong team to develop the educational content for the RCC while maintaining our high standards for educational quality and professional networking. We need your assistance! We hope you will join us; the feeling of accomplishment at the end of the event is very rewarding and we even have some fun along the way!

Board Liaison: Annamarie Monks, CHFP
Co-Chairs: Will Coz, Jenny Davies, CHFP, Michael Willette