The purpose of the Capital Finance Committee is to engage with both traditional financing vehicles as well as with the developing forms of equity and debt financing sources available in the capital markets. The Committee will focus on the overall financing trends within the health care sector and engage with a broad spectrum of enterprises to develop educational programs that address changes in health care delivery that will require new forms of capital formation to support the needs of established enterprises as well as new companies representing alternative approaches and disruptive technologies.

Educational programs will include webinars, hosted roundtable discussions, and at least one half-day educational session. These programs will be designed for senior-level healthcare finance, strategic, and operating professionals, focusing on emerging trends and opportunities. The educational sessions will feature healthcare leaders; investment bankers, private equity, banking, venture capital, and other investing professionals; and policy makers. The programs will address the investment activities of major health systems, providers and other health care delivery participants including insurers and others and how these activities support institutional goals as well as new forms of healthcare delivery.

Board Liaison: Gary Janko and Eric Schwartz
Chair: Gary Janko and Eric Schwartz