Board Meetings

June 12, 2020
Board Meeting
Board Conference Call: Review September, October, and November Programs
Location: To Be Announced

September 11, 2020
Board Meeting
Board Conference Call: Review December and January programs
Location: To Be Announced

October 16, 2020
Board Meeting
Board Meeting: Review Awards social new location
Location: To Be Announced

December 11, 2020
Board Meeting
Board Meeting: Review March program
Location: To Be Announced

January 15, 2021
Board Meeting
Board Conference Call: Review April program, Awards social
Location: To Be Announced

January 29, 2021
Officers’ Retreat Meeting
Location: To Be Announced

March 24, 2021
Board Meeting
Board Meeting: Review summer programming

May 7, 2021
Board Transition Meeting – 1:30 pm for 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 Boards
Mini LTC, 2019-2020 Year – 3:00 pm
Location: To Be Announced

June 11, 2021
Board Meeting
Review September and October Programs


Note: All meetings beginning at 7:30 A.M. unless otherwise noted.



The most common reasons people join HFMA, attend HFMA meetings and participate in the committees are to:

(1) learn and grow
(2) develop business contacts
(3) get to know people
(4) participate and achieve
(5) have recognition
(6) have fun

When asking a person to volunteer, don’t underestimate the commitment. It helps to stress the importance and potential achievements from participating. Give each person a task or assignment to involve everyone. The Board Member should be careful not to do everything themselves. Expect that the committee chairpersons and members will accomplish their task and establish a good feedback process to monitor the timetable.

Each Board Member is responsible for the following:


  • Participate in all Board meetings and conference calls.
  • Serve as the Board Liaison for the committees assigned. For further information see the “Board Liaison” or “Organizational Chart” documents.
  • Help select next year’s Committee Chairpersons and Co-Chairpersons for each committee for which you are the Board Liaison.
  • Assist with the Corporate Sponsorship Drive
    • Provide list of potential sponsors to the Corporate Sponsorship Chair.
    • Make follow-up phone calls to potential sponsors based on request from Corporate Sponsorship Chair.
  • Develop future leaders and provide a list of potential Board Members and Committee Chairpersons to the President-Elect.
  • Assist with membership recruitment and retention activities.
    • Recruit new members and encourage members to advance.
    • Greet new members and non-members at education meetings.
    • Make phone calls to new members and / or members at risk.
  • Attend social functions, annual meeting, and functions such as new members breakfasts and educational programs.
  • Lead by being involved in a committee in which you have a special interest.
  • Look for new ways of making the Chapter more effective and volunteer to make it happen.
  • Solicit and/or write articles for the Blog.
  • Involve all Chapter Members and have fun!