This Committee combines the interests and expertise of the former managed care, enterprise performance management and physician practice management committees. As the delivery of and payment for healthcare services continues to evolve, there are far more similarities than differences among the operational and financial concerns of managed care, performance management and physician practice management. Mergers, acquisitions, alternative payment methodologies, and state and federal health reform efforts continue to transform how care is delivered and requires payers and providers to continually innovate and adapt to new technologies and systems. The goals for this Committee include:

• Identifying and presenting innovative and practical methodologies and tools to improve healthcare operational, clinical and financial performance to thrive in today’s changing industry.
• Promoting adoption of the most effective use of technology and current industry thinking
• Addressing trends concerning both operational and financial issues across the healthcare continuum including those trends affecting the delivery of ambulatory care, physician and hospital services, and alternative delivery models such as homecare and telemedicine
• Reviewing new ideas and approaches to both financial management and care delivery in physician practices as well as hospitals and healthcare systems.
• Providing timely, applicable, solutions-oriented information and tools related to developments in managed care and insurance,
• Focusing on changes in state and federal healthcare reform, as well as challenges and opportunities resulting from new payment methodologies and delivery system transformation
• Exploring and learning from successful examples of effective collaboration in the marketplace and new issues/products emerging in the managed care environment.

Board Liaison: Karen Granoff
Chairs: Kim Carlozzi, Karen Granoff, Gary Janko, Krista Katsapetses